I am an Instructional Support Technician and Instructor in the Department of Art at the University at Buffalo in the areas of Graphic Design and Emerging Practices. I  provide graphic design, photography, training and consultation through Licata Design. I received an Ed.M. in Education and Technology from UB in 2008.

My personal art practice has it’s roots in traditional photography, inspired by Edward Weston and Walker Evans, among many others. For me, photography is a meditative process of mindful observation and contemplation of natural and man-made environments, often using metaphor and ironic comparisons as a means to encourage the mindfulness of others.

As an educator and researcher, I’m interested in finding meaning at the intersection of visual rhetoric and semiotics in the age of postmodern mashups. I search for ways in which contemporary cultural meshes with teaching and learning theories of social constructivism. I am curious about how the creation and consumption of digital media effects cognitive development, and how the design student can be best guided to become a creative and critical thinker.

At UB, I maintain an environment that facilitates collaborative art- and design-making and constructive learning experiences. I teach several courses which I have developed, including Introduction to Digital Practices, Web Design, and 2D Animation.

My specialties: Mac OS X, Graphic design, Web design, computer lab administration, studio photography, chemical darkroom, digital printing, digital video, digital graphics applications, Final Cut Pro, media arts, education and technology.

You may view the details of my University service, leadership, and community engagement on my CV.